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I saw this and couldn't resist jumping in, mostly because I want to write for Pokemon again.

While all of these pairing have a ‘/’ in them, feel free to make them gen or one-way if you want. Smut is always welcome, but I do love fluff as well.


1. Unrequited Love (whether it be that that the target of the affection knows about it and chooses not to/can’t return it or remains completely oblivious to the other person’s feelings)

2. Age differences (older person falling in love with a younger person or the other way around)

3. Forbidden pleasures (love affairs or trysts; in general, wanting someone or something that's expressly forbidden).

4. Beloved enemies (rivalry relationship dynamics; enemies working together; lovers on opposing sides; snark and banter; clashing personalities; love/hate relationships)

5. Cinderella stories (rescuing someone from servitude or cruel family; going from rags to riches; Pretty Woman scenarios; fairy-tale romances in general)



Gen I: Red/Green, Leaf/Green, Sabrina/Erica
Gen II: Gold/Silver, Falkner/Morty, Eusine/Morty, Kris/Gold,
Gen III: Brendan/Wally, Brendan/May, Roxanne/Norman, Juan/Wallace
Gen IV: Lucas/Dawn. Feel free to surprise me with something else, though.
Gen V: Cheren/N, Cheren/Hilbert, Chili/Cilan/Cress, Burgh/Brycen, N/Anyone, Cheren/Anyone

Crossovers: Gold/Red, Silver/Green, Price/Agatha, Blue/Gold, Phoebe/Fantina


Lt. Surge/Red, Lt. Surge/Koga/Sabrina, Misty/Red, Red/Green, Bruno/Red, Lance/Yellow, Gold/Silver, Bugsy/Gold